two years

Two years.

I graduated from Baylor and left my college life two years ago today. Devastated, I drove up I35 to my childhood home completely unsure of what I would do next. I can’t help but think about that girl crying while she drove home, officially severing her college ties and wanting to whisper to her, Oh, the places you’ll go.

Above the cities and countries I’ve been blessed to encounter in the last two years, it’s even more, Oh the things you’re about to learn. As I find myself on a similar precipice now, my back slowing turning on Paris and looking to a hazing horizon once again, maybe I should take those words to heart again.

Sometimes I get wrapped up in thinking about what I should do with my future – should I just go to New York? If I don’t move to New York, will I always wonder if that was supposed to be where I ‘make it’? If I  don’t go t New York, will I ever know my full potential? What will be most beneficial to my career, what will be most beneficial to my personal life…and it’s all mere speculation. I envelop myself in this web of planning that with time starts to block my view of the outside world and turns my mind inside to think only about myself. Thankfully though, I usually then have a back to earth moment when I remember that none of it is suppose to be about my benefit. That even if I fail at being a writer or a professional of any kind, if I follow Jesus, that’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter that most of the world doesn’t see it that way, it only matters that I see it and believe it, and then live it out every day.

Jesus is my break. He is my potential. He’s everything. If I’ve ever written anything on this blog or any other place that moved you or made an impression, I promise, it really wasn’t me. Yes, I wrote the words down but he placed them in my head or on my heart. I have a note I keep on my desk that says,

“Do you believe god wants you to write?

Ask him.

There are no coincidences.

There is purpose, design, a plan.

Are you going to believe God that he gave you one?”


Oh the places he’ll take me. Oh the things he’ll teach me. The last two years have been quite the adventure – there’s no reason to believe the journey stops now.


A lot has been going on lately – sorry I haven’t been around to tell you about it. Two weeks ago I turned in my final assignments for graduate school (!) and pending my final grades, am anxiously awaiting official graduation. I never imagined myself with a graduate degree, but here I almost am. I also met up with a friend in Barcelona last week; my first trip to Spain, it was warm, friendly and delicious – I’ll tell you all about it later this week. This weekend, I watched my brother graduate with his Masters and spent my last nights in my Paris apartment. It’s hard to take in all the changes that are swiftly chasing me out of the Europe.

Today, I’m leaving for Athens and Santorini - I trip I’ve wanted to take since I first read/watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series; Greece feels a little like a completely different world and I can’t believe that the day is finally here! In a few short hours I’ll be with my parents, who I haven’t seen since January, and we’ll be off on an adveture that will sweep us back to Paris with my brother and sister -in-law and then straight through to my return to the States. The next few weeks are going to be filled with many moments to celebrate and relish – I hope I can take it all in.

Thanks for returning here to read more of my words after I went missing for two weeks – I promise I’ll tell you everything.



the graduate

Dear Internet,

Thanks for existing. Because of you, I could watch my brother graduate from Baylor University with his Masters from my apartment in Paris. You understand that since he is  the best brother that there ever was, I hated missing the day of celebration and festivities, but being able to hear his name and watch him walk across the stage live and in living color as  I clapped and squealed in my apartment was a fair second place.

Most appreciatively,


the view from castle hill, nice

Centuries ago, Castle Hill was the look out point for the settlement that was ancient Nice. The castle that used to stand at the top of the hill was destroyed long ago and today is replaced by a city park. From up top, the view proves what an exceptional location Nice is: turquoise water laps beneath and between the hills above, the Alps unfurl with a final few snow-capped peaks. The narrow, windy streets of Old Nice are covered from view by their red-topped roofs as the rest of the city stands beyond in distinctly whiter shades. This chance to catch the Mediterranean and the Alps in a single take is definitely worth the cardio workout to get there.

chantilly castle

Right before my birthday in January, I went on a day trip to Chantilly with a friend. Thirty minutes out of Paris by train, I think it has to be the easiest option for a day trip to a French castle. And because it was winter and down right cold, there were few others at the chateau that day, making the castle feel a little like ours.

I  wrote more about the trip on Parisien Salon today, which you can read here.

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