birthday letter to america

  Dear America, It’s been a month since we’ve been back together and I have to say, you definitely have some qualities that make life so much better. First, the English – do… Read The Post

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This weekend I joined the party waaaay late and finally watched The Artist. With the innumerable pops and sizzles modern audiences are accustomed to in movies, I wasn’t sure how I would pace… Read The Post

Faith, Life

finally in place

I don’t live in France anymore. That’s something I did. It’s not who I am. I think those truths just snapped into place for me. Nothing and no one has a hold on who I… Read The Post

Just for fun

ryan can do no wrong

Before he was this, via he did this. Skip to 0:37 to witness the dancing, the Hammer pants, and the moving and grooving to 90s hit, “Everybody Dance Now” or watch from the beginning to… Read The Post

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street crossers – past and present

Over the weekend, I went to see an impressionism exhibit at Fort Worth’s Kimbell Art Museum. The entire collection, which includes 21 Renoirs and six Monets, was amassed by a single couple, Sterling and Francine Clark, and are now… Read The Post